Sending Process

 What does it look like to be sent as a missionary from Sojourn?

  1. Be a member of Sojourn for 2 years and be active in a community group/ministry team.
  2. Make your desire to serve overseas known to your CG leader, a campus elder and your Campus Mission Director.
  3. Be active in one of Sojourn’s ministries and/or international outreach.
  4. Begin Sojourn’s School of Missions
  5. Begin assessment process by Sojourn International staff- assessment interview, personal development plan and elder recommendation.
  6. Begin assessment and application with approved missions agency partnerships
  7. Complete assessment process by Sojourn International and approved missions agency

In an effort to send well, we have crafted the School of Missions. It will seek to develop Sojourn members and others for life and ministry overseas. We realize that many people already have both mission experience and Biblical training. The last thing we want to do is give people more hoops to jump through. In order to help develop those we send out, we have designed the School of Mission to be a beneficial investment of time that will focus on personal growth and renewal, family, practical skills, missions issues, team development, etc. The program is for both men and women. The School of Missions is a requirement for those who want Sojourn to be their sending church.

From beginning till end, the development process takes 12-18 months depending on your situation.

The following is a chart showing the process of being set out as a cross-cultural missionary:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.57.00 PM