School of Missions

The purpose of the School of Missions is to train up and equip qualified men and women within the context of the local church for gospel ministry in an international context.

The School of Missions is birthed out of the vision to see the local church at the center of raising up and sending out its own new wave of gospel centered missionaries. The goal of the School of Missions is not to replace or repeat what a seminary or mission organization has to offer but to complement these organizations and to offer additional tools. The hope is to see missionaries go out in teams with Sojourn DNA to plant churches in unreached and forgotten areas.

The School of Missions is open to all Sojourners at every campus. It is important to note that all those seeking to be sent from Sojourn as missionaries must complete the full development process otherwise known as the School of Missions and the self directed sending process. If you are looking to be sent from Sojourn as a missionary, you will also need to go through an assessment interview within the first few months of the School of Missions. A staff member will contact you after you submit your School of Missions application.

 School of Missions is developed around three key ideas

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Knowledge (Head): Knowing the Word of God and how to apply it are essential for all of God’s people but especially those working in a cross cultural setting. It is also key to have a clear and working knowledge of mission principles and trends.

Character (Heart): Regular involvement and service within the body at Sojourn aids in character refinement and development of your strengths that will benefit you overseas. It is also key to begin working through deep-rooted issues that will be a source of struggle on the field. Refining your character is of utmost importance.

Skills (Hands): Whether it is cooking from scratch, changing your oil, developing international friends or sharing your faith; cross-cultural skills must be developed long before you arrive on the field. We also want to encourage local cross-cultural ministry involvement as a great way to prepare for overseas ministry. It also provides a local way for Sojourn members to engage with those of other ethnicities.

 Three main components

1. Individual assessment and personal development plans
Because no two people are the same, the School of Missions will also seek to help people grow in individual areas based on their need and future area of service. This is only required for those seeking to be send as cross-cultural missionaries from Sojourn. Those simply seeking to take classes will not need to complete this area.

2. Large group gatherings
These large group teaching times will meet each week and cover various topics relating to missions, theology, practical life, etc.  Each month, eight in all, will have required reading and an application aspect. Large group gatherings will be a mix of lecture, discussion, case studies, cohort time and everyday practical training.

3. Small Cohorts
Participants will be broken up into smaller cohorts and work through a variety of useful curriculum.

If you have questions please email


Please complete the application by August 15st. Also make sure your two references are submitted to These references will simply need to email us a short paragraph detailing your strengths and weaknesses. It is important that couples fill out separate applications. They may use the same references.

The cost for the program will be $150 for a Single and $200 for a Family. This fee will cover the cost of speakers and materials, plus various costs related to the School of Missions.

Dates: September 16, 2017- April 8, 2018
Application deadline: August 20th,
Opening Day: September 16, 9am-2pm (attendance required)