International Immersion Internship

Refuge Louisville has a great new opportunity for those who are interested in engaging local internationals with the gospel. This new opportunity is called International Immersion Internship or I3. This is an internship that is partnered with Sojourn International in an attempt to reach internationals in our local area. I3 is made up into 4 parts: Engagement, Training, Devotion, and Community. The internship will last from September 2016-June 2017. During this internship, the team will seek relationships with internationals, get hands-on training from workers/pastors/professionals to strengthen their skills, study the Word together, and experience community in a new way through partnership. We are calling I3 a minimalist internship because it is designed to be limited in hours and workload allowing normal, everyday people to participate.

There are two tracks for people to choose from:

Residential: 10 hours/week

Volunteer: 3 hours/week

We would require each worker, both residential and volunteer, to maintain a job throughout their time in I3. We see this as an important part of the internship, learning how to engage internationals while working a normal job.

Training will include studying through the books of Luke and Acts with veteran missionaries and local pastors. It will also include learning and applying 9 missional skills over the course of the program.

Also, residential interns will be expected to live in the Colonial Oaks Apartments. A special aspect of this internship is the community that will be experienced throughout the I3 term. We hope that close friendships/partnerships will be developed during the interns time spend in I3.


Goal: Gospel engagement with refugees in South Louisville, Training in missional skills and solid missiology, Space and guidance for deeper personal devotion with Christ, Community life with others in the program.

Commitment: September 2016- June 2017

Living: Colonial Oaks Apartments – 5011 Southside Dr, Louisville, KY 40214

Cost: monthly rent (est. $350) + a monthly program fee of $100.

How to Apply

Applications and Reference Forms are due Aug. 15



If you have questions, please email John Barnett, executive director of Refuge Louisville, at