Global Partners

Sojourn Community Church engages in long-term evangelism, discipleship and church planting  through the following ways:

City Teams

Church based city teams are the main focus of our international missions efforts. These are teams of people from Sojourn and other like minded churches that seek to plant the gospel in a key global city while placing a high value on doing it though a healthy team. These teams seek to be holistic, focusing on:

1. Outward mission
2. Inward spiritual growth and communion with God
3. Genuine team unity

This threefold goal is difficult to do well but it’s a goal worth striving for.

It is with these teams that we invest the majority of our focus, finances, and personnel. To illustrate, imagine the firing of two guns, a shotgun and a rifle. When you fire a shotgun, the pellets in the bullet spread over a large area, affecting a target but having less impact. When you fire a rifle, the effect is more accurate and the full impact of the bullet hits one spot. Knowing that we are only one church with limited time, personnel, and resources; we seek to identify several international gateway cities and focus our efforts just as a rifle hits with full impact on its target.

The vision is to send 12 church based city teams to plant the gospel in 12 international gateway cities by 2025.

We currently have 20+ missionaries on church based teams in North Africa, the Horn of Africa; East Asia, Toulouse, France, and Lyon, France

Member Missionaries

Member missionaries have been fully assessed, trained, and developed just like our City Team missionaries. They have been faithful in the local church and have met the requirements for being sent as a Sojourn missionary. The major difference is that these missionaries are not working in Sojourn’s strategic cities and thus do not receive as much holistic support. They have been affirmed in every way but their clear calling by the Holy Spirit, seen both by the missionaries and those in leadership at Sojourn, is to an area of the world that Sojourn is not focusing on. Generous investment, care, and support is still given to our member missionaries.

20+ member missionaries serving around the world.

International Sojourners

These are faithful Sojourn members that live and work abroad and do so with gospel intentionality. Sojourn International seeks to provided basic preparation and prayer  for those taking jobs overseas, doing study abroad programs or other such international opportunities. International Sojourners are encouraged to develop their own Advocate Team and Adoptive Community Group. This relationship is driven by the International Sojourner. Please contact your Campus Mission Director if you plan to move overseas in this capacity.