Sojourn International’s commitment is to send healthy members to multiply disciples and churches in international gateway cities. Our mission is clear and the vision is big. We plan to send 12 teams of Sojourners and other families from like minded churches to 12 global cities to plant the gospel and see it multiply.

Our mission and vision are big but our current financial resources are not. We need globally minded Christians outside of the body at Sojourn to give so we can continue to send these City Teams around the globe. We currently have three City Teams deployed overseas and will have another four teams on the ground within two years.

Financial gifts to Sojourn International are tax deductible. Here are three ways you can invest in this mission:

1. Monthly Commitment
Give monthly to the ongoing vision needs of Sojourn International. Your gifts will help to send new City Teams to plant and multiply the gospel in cities in India, Central Asia, East Asia, Western Europe and beyond.

Consider giving a monthly gift of $50, $100, $250 or more.

2. One Time Gift
We are also looking for those willing to give a one time gift to the ministry of Sojourn International. Consider giving a year-end gift or tax return gift to the vision of sending long-term teams to plant the gospel in cities around the world.

3. Mission Trip Giving
You may be looking to give toward a Sojourn member who is taking a short-term mission trip. If so, click the link above and make sure to include their mission trip giving number.

If you have specific questions about giving or need assistance, email us at You can also call our church office at 502.635.7053