Highlands, China

Sojourn East is partnering with an existing team of Christians in Western China to reach Tibetans with the gospel in a large urban context. Sojourn currently has two mid-term workers serving in this area.

Please let us know if you are interested in giving to help this team be established in the Highlands. Pray that the team would continue to form and that doors would open for long-term residency and deep partnership with the national church.

*The name of this city has been changed for security reasons.


Prayer for Highlands, China:

O God who made the world and everything in it, you do not live in temples built by human hands. You have given life and breathe to the people of Tibet, marking out their appointed time and the boundaries of their lands so that they would seek you and perhaps reach out for you and find you, though you are not far from them. Awaken them from the ignorance of believing you are an image made by human design or skill, for you command people everywhere to repent in light of the coming Judge, the Lord Jesus whom you raised from the dead. Establish this team so that when Tibetans hear this truth, they don’t sneer, but believe. Amen.¬†

Adapted from Acts 17:24-34