Southern France

Three families from Sojourn Midtown are preparing to move to Southern France in the next year to reach, disciple, and plant churches among North Africans in this large city.

Please let us know if you are interested in giving to help this team be established in our city in Southern France. Pray that the team would continue to form and that doors would open for long-term residency and deep partnership with the national church.


Prayer for our city in Southern France:

Father in heaven, you have called us to love the foreigners in our midst, for we too were once foreigners, enemies of your eternal Son who became flesh and dwelt among us. We remember that this very day you are already working among the North Africans in Toulouse, and you are eager to be gracious and compassionate, waiting for the sound of their cries. May you use this team as part of your plan to cover the earth with the knowledge of your glory as the waters cover the sea. Amen. 

Adapted from Deuteronomy 10:19, John 1:14, John 5:17, Isaiah 30:18-19, & Habakkuk 2:14