Adoptive Community Groups

Taking the gospel to the nations is not an easy task. As missionaries go out to proclaim the good news, they often become discouraged and consider quitting.  Why?  They feel as if they are entirely on their own, without the active support of sending brothers and sisters who can uphold, encourage, provide, and pray for them.  Sojourn‘s desire is to be obedient to the Scriptures as a going AND sending, supporting community.  The little letter of 3 John calls the church to both send out and care for its missionaries “in a manner worthy of God.” It calls us to partnership: to “work together for the truth” with those we send to faraway lands.  John commands us to love these missionaries with a hands-on kind of love, even if we don’t know them personally (verse 5), precisely because we are partners in the gospel!  This means that one of the best ways a Community Group can get involved in international missions is to adopt a Sojourn missionary and begin caring for them.

Sojourn International’s vision is to see each of our missionaries supported by several Community Groups who are strategically praying for, communicating with, and regularly sending packages to our member missionaries. Bottom line:  We want each of our missionaries to have real and consistent care just as 3 John says they should.  Would your group be willing to adopt a missionary and provide the care and love they need?  If so, here are your next steps:

Talk it over as a group.  Pray about it as a group.  Discern your ability and willingness as a group to commit the time, energy, resources, and relational investment necessary to love one of our missionaries well, “in a manner worthy of God” (verse 6).

Contact Sojourn International with your interest, and a team member will help you find a missionary family that will be the perfect fit for your group.

Designate a person in your group who will be the missionary care leader.  This person/couple will connect with both the missionary family and Sojourn International.

Get started.  There are numerous ways you can care for your missionary:

Prayer- Get prayer requests from your missionary and pray as a group at least once a month.

Communication– Have personal conversations with your missionary at least once a month through email, written letters, or Skype.

Care packages– Commit to send a care package to your missionary twice a year.

Have them visit- When your missionary is in the U.S., have them come and visit your group.

Visit them- Encourage group members to visit your missionary on the field. People could do this individually or you could do this as a group, if possible.


If your Community group is interested in adopting a missionary, email us at