About Us

Sojourn International is the global missions strategy of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Sojourn was planted in the urban center of Louisville with a vision to reach people with the gospel, build them up as the church, and release them into the world. Sojourn is now one church in four locations around Louisville. Our church also as a high value of training and sending our people with the gospel out into the world.

We exist to send out healthy members to multiply disciples and churches in international gateway cities.

  • Sending out healthy members

As a church, we seek to send out healthy members that exhibit spiritual maturity, proven character and biblical qualifications. Sending is an ongoing relationship between the one sent out and their local church which includes development, ongoing care, prayer, accountability and committed support.

  • Multiplying disciples and churches

Through multiplication, the kingdom of God expands. Sojourn missionaries are focused on proclaiming the gospel, developing disciples that multiply, and starting reproducing churches. We see this model in the Great Commission passages and in Paul’s ministry throughout Acts.

  • International gateway cities

Because our God is a missionary God who desires to see his glory spread to all nations, we send global missionaries to strategic places where the gospel hasn’t been or where it has been forgotten. As the world’s population continues to become overwhelmingly urban, cities are the gateways to reaching the nations.

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Nathan Garth

Lead Pastor of International Missions

Nathan has been on staff since 2010. Before that, he and his wife Sarah served as missionaries in Kathmandu, Nepal training national pastors and seeking to take the gospel to an unreached people group. Nathan completed his masters degrees at Southern Seminary. Nathan loves reading, collecting books he will one day read, traveling to new places- especially cities, eating good food and watching college wrestling. Nathan and Sarah have a daughter named Asia who share in their adventures.

Anna Owens

Assistant to Pastor of International Missions and Global Trips Administrator

Brandon Hochhalter

Pastor of Missionary Care

Brandon and Laurie provide ongoing care for our Sojourn missionaries and those preparing for the field. They are both originally from Montana, though Brandon is an MK and also calls Ecuador home. Brandon works at GE and enjoys working with mosaic art. Laurie loves tennis and takes every chance she gets to spend time with their two grandkids.

Rebecca Harrod

Director of Missions Mobilization

Church Mission Directors

Sojourn East
Larry McCrary - eastmissions@sojournchurch.com

Sojourn Jtown
Chris Wilson - jtownmissions@sojournchurch.com

Sojourn Midtown
Nathan Garth - midtownmissions@sojournchurch.com

Sojourn New Albany
Chris H. - newalbanymissions@sojournchurch.com